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Watch Behind the Candelabra (2013)

Behind the Candelabra (2013)

  • LetMeWatchThis Movie - Watch Behind the Candelabra rating.
Watch 500 MPH Storm (2013)

500 MPH Storm (2013)

  • LetMeWatchThis Movie - Watch 500 MPH Storm rating.
Watch Treachery (2013)

Treachery (2013)

  • LetMeWatchThis Movie - Watch Treachery rating.
Watch Rubinrot (2013)

Rubinrot (2013)

  • LetMeWatchThis Movie - Watch Rubinrot rating.
Watch Angel (2011)

Angel (2011)

  • LetMeWatchThis Movie - Watch Angel rating.
Watch The End of the Line (2009)

The End of the Line (2009)

  • LetMeWatchThis Movie - Watch The End of the Line rating.
Watch Circles (2013)

Circles (2013)

  • LetMeWatchThis Movie - Watch Circles rating.
Watch MURPH: The Protector (2013)

MURPH: The Protector (2013)

  • LetMeWatchThis Movie - Watch MURPH: The Protector rating.
Watch Journey to the Center of the Earth (1996)

Journey to the Center of the Earth (1996)

  • LetMeWatchThis Movie - Watch Journey to the Center of the Earth rating.
Watch The Story of Luke (2012)

The Story of Luke (2012)

  • LetMeWatchThis Movie - Watch The Story of Luke rating.
Watch White Elephant (2013)

White Elephant (2013)

  • LetMeWatchThis Movie - Watch White Elephant rating.
Watch The Devil's in the Details (2013)

The Devil's in the Details (2013)

  • LetMeWatchThis Movie - Watch The Devil\'s in the Details rating.
Watch Batman: Year One (2011)

Batman: Year One (2011)

  • LetMeWatchThis Movie - Watch Batman: Year One rating.
Watch Blue Jasmine (2013)

Blue Jasmine (2013)

  • LetMeWatchThis Movie - Watch Blue Jasmine rating.
Watch Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End (2013)

Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End (2013)

  • LetMeWatchThis Movie - Watch Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End rating.
Watch Miss Dial (2013)

Miss Dial (2013)

  • LetMeWatchThis Movie - Watch Miss Dial rating.

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Latest Comments


asreal : another good Artie shoot-em-up-bang-bang flick:B+.

The Railway Man

Duchino : One of those war stories that speak of the worst and, tragically, the best of men, touchingly and tactfully so. ★★★★☆

kirtin_x : I loved this film. Surprised they didn't cast Danny Dyer though. He gets everywhere...

proana : A very average movie, in my opinion. Not very original. Seen it a million times in other films. The acting was good though. If you're into war movies than this is worth at least one watch.

raven13 : Excellent movie. 4 out of 5.

tribute : this was an outstanding move based on true events 10/10 well worth the watch.. i will be watching this again

backroad_420 : Great movie, very inspirational.

aelleasing : another great movie based upon a true event in history


capthatskank : little rough but watchable quality. good movie. always loved arnold in roles like this. that hairline though...

Reform School Girl

joga : I was actually shocked at how good this movie was.Yes it's B rated but don't let the cover fool youere's a nice story here.

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